“Item Not Found” error when creating, renaming or deleting folder in Windows

Here’s a problem that’s been bugging Windows users for years. Occasionally, after certain Windows Updates have been installed, the user finds that when they try to either create, rename or delete a folder, in Windows Explorer, they receive an error, “Item Not Found”.  Although, upon refreshing the screen, the operation has actually been successful.  It is a real annoyance if this message pops up every time you try and carry out any of the above tasks more than a few times a day.

If you are experiencing this problem then don’t despair!  I’ve got the solution (well, it worked for me, anyway – Definitely create a restore point and/or backup your system before trying this, just in case!)

Open up the Windows Registry Editor:

  • Click the Windows Start Button
  • Type in regedit
  • Click regedit.exe or simply press ENTER

Then find the following entries and delete them:






Underneath each of these entries you should see another one called PropertyBag – That will automatically be deleted too.

Once you have done this, reboot your computer and you should find that you are once again able to create, rename and delete folders the way you would expect to.