Improve battery life for iPhone and Android smartphones

The new breed of smartphones currently taking the marketplace by storm are amazing pieces of technology, but as many users soon find out, with the improvements in performance and ability of these devices also comes a drawback when compared to conventional mobile phones… They eat up battery power much, much quicker.

So we’ve produced a list of things that you can do to improve the battery life of your iPhone or Android smartphone and also some handy hints and tips enabling you to keep your phone charged up and ready to go.

1. GPS

The Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) capability of your smartphone is one of the things that sets these devices apart from what has gone before. Using this feature, your phone is able to accurately triangulate its position to within a few metres. This is incredibly useful if you’re trying to find out where you are or getting route directions to a particular address. But at a cost – this feature gobbles up battery power at an alarming rate so turn this feature off when you’re not using apps that require GPS.

2. Wise use of WiFi / 3G / Data network connections

The are many apps that connect to the internet automatically to receive updates and downloads.  The more often these try to connect, the more power will be consumed.  Take a look through the apps that are running all the time on your device and remove any that you don’t need running all of the time.

Apps like those that check email and Facebook or Twitter services constantly all use power.  Change their settings so they do so less frequently.

Also, if possible, use a WiFi connection when available instead of the mobile telephone data service which is more power hungry.

If you’re not using WIFI or Data connections – Turn them off.

3. Bluetooth

Bluetooth is useful but when you’re not using it turn it off.

4. Screen brightness

The brighter you have the screen on your phone set, the more battery juice you’re going to use up.  Turn the brightness down.  Also set the time that the screen remains lit to a shorter time period.

5. Your phone will give you clues how to conserve battery life

These phones have a feature built in which monitors what is actually using up the most battery life.  Take a look at it and it’ll be fairly obvious if there’s anything you can close down to improve battery life.

On iPhone, go to General / Usage / Time since last full charge and you should get some more clues.

On Android, go into Settings / About phone / Battery usage and you’ll get a list of what has used most power since the last charge.

Finally, if you’re in an area where you have really bad phone reception and can’t use the phone anyway, put it into flight mode temporarily.  This will prevent the phone from constantly trying use up all its power trying to make a connection to the network, drop, retry etc.. etc..

And if all else fails, you can buy relatively cheap portable chargers that are around the same size as the phone and enable you to plug in via usb and grab a quick recharge on the go.  You can even get solar powered or wind-up versions.

Wherever you are it’s always worth taking the phone’s USB cable with you. Most computers, DVD players, TVs, cars nowadays have a USB socket that you can draw power from and give your phone a quick boost.