How to use a different notification sound in Gmail for Android

The Gmail app for Android is really useful if you, like me, use your phone a lot for checking and replying to email during the day.  It would be nice though to have a different notification sound than the phone’s default sound that also plays every time you receive a text message or even turn off this particular notification completely.  Useful if you want to leave your phone on while you sleep but don’t want to be disturbed every time you receive an email.

Well, it’s really easy, if a little long-winded, to configure it.  Google have certainly hidden the option away. Here’s where to find it.

  • Open the Gmail app.
  • Press Menu, More, Settings.
  • In Account Settings chose your account.
  • Scroll down and select Labels to notify, Inbox and Ringtone.

Now chose the ringtone you want to play when you receive an email and whatever you select here will override the standard phone notification.