How to protect your Android mobile phone against Viruses and Malware

Most people are all too aware of the importance of having a decent piece of anti-virus software installed on their computer to prevent viruses and malware infrecting the operating system.  Well, with the very rapid uptake of smartphones in their millions, these devices which are able to perform much of the functionality of a small PC or laptop are fast becoming the target for virus and malware writers.  Particularly as phones are used more often these days for finance related tasks, such as checking online banking or buying and selling things online with the use of credit cards, it is obvious to see why it is important to keep one step ahead and  install some kind of protection against these nasties.

From the labs of AVG who brought us their Anti Virus program all those years ago, they’ve done it again, but this time for Android.  It comes in two different versions, one completely free AVG Anti Virus Free and a Pro version with more advanced features.  The app also doubles up as a great phone tracker which is useful if your phone is lost or stolen. More about that here.

Simply go to the Android Market, download and install it and you’ll get all the protection you expect from AVG who’s software is now on millions of computers around the world.

The software is fairly self evident how it works. After installation it will check every file and app that you download for known threats.  You can also manually start it which will scan all of your installed apps and media.

From the main menu it, of course, gives you update options to the paid Pro version and a whole host of other options to work exactly as you want it to.  It will also keep itself up-to-date automatically so you always remain protected against the latest threats.