How to get new Apps for your Android mobile phone

You’ve got your new Android phone and now you want to try out some of the apps you’ve heard so much about.. Where do you start?

First, go into Applications and find and select the Market icon.

The Android market will immediately open up.  Press the little magnifying glass and you’ll be able to type in anything you want to search for. So, say you wanted to find an app which gave you the latest news from the BBC, just type in BBC News and press the magnifying glass again.

A list of results will come back.  If you select one, it’ll come up with more details where you’ll be able to decide whether or not it’s what you’re looking for.  There will also be an indication of how many times it has been downloading and user reviews. Always make sure you read some of these to avoid running into trouble later.

Once you’re happy that it’s what you want click on Install.  You’ll see the app download and install. Once it’s done you can open it straight away. An icon will also have been placed on the phone’s list of Applications when you want to run the app again.

We recommend getting this free Anti Virus app which will give you increased protection against downloading something potentially malicious.