How to fix jerky full screen YouTube videos in Google Chrome

Here’s a little tip that will sort out a really annoying problem that seems fairly common recently.

With a recent update of Google Chrome a problem occurs where videos played on websites such as YouTube start glitching and stuttering when viewed in full screen mode.

This seems to be related to a combination of the Google update and the version of the Flash Player that is running.

What to do

Open up Google Chrome and in the address bar type chrome://plugins/

You will then see a Details link over to the right-hand side of the page.  Click the + and you’ll see a long list of the installed plugins in detail.

Look in the Flash section and find the line which has the text \pepflashplayer.dll

Click the Disable link next to this line and restart the browser.

Your videos should now run smoothly again.  🙂

Alternative Fix

If this still doesn’t work, try right-clicking on the video itself and selecting Settings.  You will see a tick-box for Hardware Acceleration.  Untick it and restart the browser to see if that has helped.