Create a QR code with a logo

You may have wondered firstly, how to create those QR (quick response) codes that you’ve seen everywhere lately and secondly how to customise your newly created QR code to include a logo or graphic or just about whatever you want.

As you’ll see from the example we’ve used on this page, we’ve given the standard looking QR code a bit of a makeover and also included the word “HELP” smack bang in the centre.  Read on and you’ll see how to do it.

So, at the bottom of this article you’ll find a handy little automatically generated QR code PHP Script.  Have a play around with it and then try and scan the results with the barcode scanner on your phone to see if you can read the code.

Once you’ve got something you like, simply right-click  on the image you created and save it to your computer.  You can then load this image into a drawing package like Photoshop or Paintshop Pro and make some changes.  For the logo in the centre, start by erasing a small area of the QR code and put in whatever you like.  Don’t go too mad, the error correction will only work until a point.  If you make the logo or graphic you include too big you won’t be able to read your QR code.  Experiment!  Finally, play around with colours to make it look pretty and Bob’s your uncle, as they say.  Job done.

You can get this script for yourself, for free, from

Http iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.