Beware of fraudulent phone calls and emails

It seems to be ever more common that people are receiving telephone calls from people who claim that they are a Microsoft Technical support technician. Be VERY wary of these types of calls. Unless you first have contacted Microsoft and opened a support ticket they will NOT contact you.

This type of fraudulent call attempts to use social engineering to trick you into believing that they are from Microsoft. They usually state that they have detected a problem on your computer and that you need to download and run a program that will fix the problem. What this program actually does is that it disables your computer and makes it inoperable until you pay the caller whatever they demand (usually at least several hundred pounds). This is extortion and is highly illegal.

Do not trust anyone who randomly calls you or emails claiming that they’ve found something wrong with your computer. The general rule of thumb is to be incredibly suspicious of any unsolicited calls or email. if you believe that you have been targeted by thieves like this call the police as soon as possible and report the crime.

Check out Devon & Cornwall Police’s fraud section of their website for more details.

If you are at all unsure or worried, feel free to call us or any other reputable computer support company.  We are happy to give you completely free advice on these matters.  If you think your computer needs a health-check to make sure everything is running smoothly it is something that we can help with or if you have indeed been taken in by a fraudulent caller, like thousands of people do, do not pay their extortionate demands! We can help you sort things out again.

Whatever you do when you get unsolicited calls from people pretending to be working at Microsoft, do not download or install anything they tell you to. Just hang up.

If you want to permanently put a stop to unsolicited and annoying calls like this or just sales calls in general check our call blocker page.