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WiFi Connection Shows Connected But No Internet Connection

If you’re using Windows 10 (This should work on Windows 7 and 8 too) and are experiencing this issue, here’s a useful tool that will instantly reset your WiFi connection whenever you need to.  This is much quicker than disabling and re-enabling the connection manually. In order to set things up, first,we need to know […]

“Item Not Found” error when creating, renaming or deleting folder in Windows

Here’s a problem that’s been bugging Windows users for years. Occasionally, after certain Windows Updates have been installed, the user finds that when they try to either create, rename or delete a folder, in Windows Explorer, they receive an error, “Item Not Found”.  Although, upon refreshing the screen, the operation has actually been successful.  It […]

How to view Vine or Instagram video in Google Chrome when it is blank

These days more people are using popular services like Vine and recently Instagram to view short video clips.  Unfortunately though, often Google Chrome will simply display a blank video window whilst playing only audio. There is a simple fix for this. Open Google Chrome. In the address bar type: Chrome://flags Find Disable hardware-accelerated video decode. Mac, […]

Great Open Source software packages

Openoffice Videolan Ubuntu Kompozer Audacity Infrarecorder Keepass ClamAV ClamWin ClamSentinel LMMS Ardour Hydrogen Jokosher Blender Filezilla Truecrypt Thunderbird Angry IP Vuze CamStudio PDF Split and Merge FreeFile Sync PDFCreator Process Hacker Bitcoin XBMC Media Center Eraser Clonezilla Subsonic Wordpress Opencart Chromium Portable FreeBASIC Compiler WinLAME NAS4Free eViacam aTunes

The Absolute Definitive Guide To Speeding Up Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Computers

Over time, computers running the Windows Operating System, be it Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, begin to go slow. There are various reasons for this. In this article, I am going to provide you with the most common solutions to computer slow-downs. Just work through this short guide, step-by-step and you’ll eliminate the most […]

Beware of fraudulent phone calls and emails

It seems to be ever more common that people are receiving telephone calls from people who claim that they are a Microsoft Technical support technician. Be VERY wary of these types of calls. Unless you first have contacted Microsoft and opened a support ticket they will NOT contact you. This type of fraudulent call attempts […]

How to Defragment your Windows computer

Over time, the data stored on your computer’s hard drive will become fragmented which can start to slow things down, particularly if the disk is starting to run low on space and it’s been a while since any housekeeping was done.  This is where it becomes necessary to defragment the hard drive.  Think of your […]

How to perform a System Restore in Windows XP / Vista / 7

There comes a time in the life of every Windows PC where it just seems to have a problem that seems to be impossible to fix. Is a complete wipe of the system and a factory reinstall the only solution?  There is another way to try before having to go down that tedious route.. The […]