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Getting Started With Bitcoin

If you’ve arrived here you are probably completely new to Bitcoin and you want to know how to get started, FAST.  Bitcoin has been popping up in the news almost every day recently, so you are probably keen to at least dip your toe in the water to find out what is involved. Before you […]

How to view Vine or Instagram video in Google Chrome when it is blank

These days more people are using popular services like Vine and recently Instagram to view short video clips.  Unfortunately though, often Google Chrome will simply display a blank video window whilst playing only audio. There is a simple fix for this. Open Google Chrome. In the address bar type: Chrome://flags Find Disable hardware-accelerated video decode. Mac, […]

Great Open Source software packages

Openoffice Videolan Ubuntu Kompozer Audacity Infrarecorder Keepass ClamAV ClamWin ClamSentinel LMMS Ardour Hydrogen Jokosher Blender Filezilla Truecrypt Thunderbird Angry IP Vuze CamStudio PDF Split and Merge FreeFile Sync PDFCreator Process Hacker Bitcoin XBMC Media Center Eraser Clonezilla Subsonic Wordpress Opencart Chromium Portable FreeBASIC Compiler WinLAME NAS4Free eViacam aTunes

How to fix jerky full screen YouTube videos in Google Chrome

Here’s a little tip that will sort out a really annoying problem that seems fairly common recently. With a recent update of Google Chrome a problem occurs where videos played on websites such as YouTube start glitching and stuttering when viewed in full screen mode. This seems to be related to a combination of the […]

Wharfedale IN120-1 Cordless Telephone Manual User Instructions

I wrote this short basic guide explaining the basic functions of the Wharfedale IN120-1 Cordless Telephone after failing to find any decent instructions online and figuring it out for myself. If you’re looking for another specific manual let me know here. To use the phone,  all of the features are available via the on-screen menu on […]