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Create a QR code with a logo

You may have wondered firstly, how to create those QR (quick response) codes that you’ve seen everywhere lately and secondly how to customise your newly created QR code to include a logo or graphic or just about whatever you want. As you’ll see from the example we’ve used on this page, we’ve given the standard […]

Improve battery life for iPhone and Android smartphones

The new breed of smartphones currently taking the marketplace by storm are amazing pieces of technology, but as many users soon find out, with the improvements in performance and ability of these devices also comes a drawback when compared to conventional mobile phones… They eat up battery power much, much quicker. So we’ve produced a […]

How to get new Apps for your Android mobile phone

You’ve got your new Android phone and now you want to try out some of the apps you’ve heard so much about.. Where do you start? First, go into Applications and find and select the Market icon. The Android market will immediately open up.  Press the little magnifying glass and you’ll be able to type […]

How to protect your Android mobile phone against Viruses and Malware

Most people are all too aware of the importance of having a decent piece of anti-virus software installed on their computer to prevent viruses and malware infrecting the operating system.  Well, with the very rapid uptake of smartphones in their millions, these devices which are able to perform much of the functionality of a small […]

How to use a different notification sound in Gmail for Android

The Gmail app for Android is really useful if you, like me, use your phone a lot for checking and replying to email during the day.  It would be nice though to have a different notification sound than the phone’s default sound that also plays every time you receive a text message or even turn […]

How to track, find or wipe your Android mobile phone if it gets lost or stolen

Hopefully it’s something that will never happen, but let’s face it, people lose or have their smartphones stolen every single day. What would you do if it happened to you? Would you know how to even start finding it? What about any sensitive data  on the device? Is there anything you can do to stop […]

Screen capture on the Android Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone

Occasionally it’s useful to have the ability to take a screen grab of whatever is on the screen on your smartphone. For example, if you wanted to do a screen print to send to someone else. I’ve seen plenty of apps listed in the Android Marketplace which either cost money or require that you Root […]