How to convert & play .3ga audio files on your home computer

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If you’re looking for what must be one of the easiest, most comprehensive methods of converting .3ga to .mp3 and also a whole host of other formats then you need Convert Genius.   To convert .3ga files to .mp3 there are several other, more complicated ways that we’ll cover later, but first read on for the simple way..

Convert your .3ga or .3gp files now

All you need to do is download Convert Genius, a small, very easy to use program, add the file(s) you want to convert, select the format you wish to convert your file(s), change the default options if necessary and then just press the Convert Now button.  And that’s it.  You’ll then see your .3ga file be converted right before your eyes into an .mp3 that you can play on any device you like.  Of course, Convert Genius will also convert between a whole host of other file formats including  AVI, MP4, FLV, Xvid, WMV, DivX, MPEG, MOV and VOB files.  For ease of use and complete simplicity I don’t think there is any better converter on the market.

If you’re a little more ambitious and don’t mind getting your hands dirty there are other ways of converting audio files – click here to find out more.

Convert Genius converts your .3ga files – click here to get it now!

In addition to converting .3GA files to .Mp3, Convert Genius is able to do any of the following conversions:

Convert 3GP to AVI
Convert AVI to 3GP
Convert FLV to 3GP
Convert MP4 to 3GP
Convert RM to MP4
Convert VOB to AVI
Convert WMV to 3GP
Convert 3GP to FLV
Convert AVI to DVD
Convert FLV to AVI
Convert MP4 to AVI
Convert RMVB to AVI
Convert VOB to WMV
Convert WMV to AVI
Convert 3GP to MP4
Convert AVI to FLV
Convert FLV to MP4
Convert MP4 to FLV
Convert RMVB to MP4
Convert RMVB to WMV
Convert WMV to FLV
Convert 3GP to WMV
Convert AVI to iPad
Convert FLV to MPEG
Convert FLV to iPad
Convert WMV to iPad
Convert AVI to iPhone
Convert FLV to WMV
Convert FLV to iPhone
Convert WMV to iPhone
Convert AVI to iPod
Convert FLV to iPod
Convert WMV to iPod
Convert AVI to MP4
Convert MP4 to MPEG
Convert MP4 to WMV
Convert AVI to MPEG-4
Convert MPEG-4 to AVI
Convert MPEG-4 to MP4
Convert WMV to MP4
Convert AVI to VOB
Convert MPEG-4 to WMV
Convert AVI to WMV
Convert MPEG to FLV
Convert WMV to MPEG

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